Corporate Wellness

Companies that invest in their workplace for their employees, especially towards their health, are insightful and caring as well as doing their investments wisely. Wellness in a workplace improves employee productivity and reduces costs. Studies indicate proven benefits of having saved costs up to $10.00 as returns, per $1.00 spent on well-being, as less absenteeism, reduced health claims, lower insurance costs, fewer sick days, enhanced performance and productivity, and so forth.

The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing would suffice to solve most of the world’s problems.

Organizational health and wellness impacts as follows:

  • Sick leave absenteeism reduction
  • Increased Morale and productivity
  • Reduced turn over and training costs
  • Reduced Stress and fatigue
  • A decrease in human error
  • Overall improved harmony in office environment

A two way benefit-for both employers and employees, these packages can prevent, recognize and assist in various health conditions prevalent amongst employees. These fun filled, engaging and informative talks, seminars or workshops can bring about paradigm shifts in individuals at the workplace.
Sessions include:

  • Lunch, Learn and Leverage – a concept of how your home packed lunches can impact your well-being and health, during lunchtime discussions. Focusing on nutritive diets, mindful eating and energizing for your entire day, these plans are a must for all at the workplace.
  • Mind matters and Bodyworks- Focusing on the optimal weight management techniques, this workshop highlights on eating food with an energy kick and calorie balance, as well as simple exercising and mood elevating tips for performance.
  • Food is fuel, Knowledge is Power- This workshop teaches about how to maximize on eating right, how to start the day correctly, as well as knowing how not to be fooled while eating out, etc. This workshop will also teach you how to read nutrition labels and adopt a healthy eating pattern and cover on issues like Hypertension and Glycemic Index and Load, as well as blood sugar control.
  • Lifestyle Management – Managing healthy eating is a challenge, especially when you go on a holiday. Learn how to cope with holiday stress, as well as make healthy resolutions and stick to them. Learn how Eating right can be a joyous affair, learn how to keep up and going great!

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