Power plate

What are the benefits of Whole Body Vibration?

Mechanical Benefits

Increases physical strength, dexterity, and endurance
Mechanical Vertical Vibration creates stretch reflexes in your tendons thereby stimulating involuntary muscle contractions throughout your body via your nervous and musculo-skeletal system. These repeated oscillations stimulate repeated contractions, like repetitions of a weight exercise at the gym, resulting in increased muscle strength and work tolerance. WBV provides enhanced power training to principle muscle groups in less time.

Improves balance and coordination
The moving plate stimulates stretch receptors and tendon reflexes in your joints. This stimulates increased receptor activity in a safe environment, challenging your balance and coordination systems.

Increases bone density
Can reverse the effects of osteoporosis by increasing the mechanical stressors on the bones via the involuntary muscle contractions created by the machine as well as balancing the hormones within the body.

Reduces joint pain & inflammation while reducing ligamentous stress
The vertical movement creates a stretching in the joints, increasing space and replacing fluid between the bones as well as stimulating a dramatic increase of critical blood flow to these areas. It is especially good for spinal tightness. WBV improves mobility and flexibility of your joints and relieves stress to joints, ligaments, and tendons while releasing tension throughout your body.

Improved pelvic floor function
Pelvic floor instability usually results from softening of connective tissue during pregnancy. Vibrational therapy quickly brings the hormonal system into balance, enabling connective tissue to recover its strength and firmness.

Speeds recovery from surgery or trauma
The improved blood and lymph circulation created by the vibration speed up healing time by the body. The serotonin release decreases emotional trauma effect by the patient and HGH release aids in body recovery as well. By increasing the overall balance of the body, Whole Body Vibration stimulates a more efficient rate of recovery starting at the cellular level of the body. WBV training also prevents loss of muscular strength from surgery due to lack of exercise during the initial recovery period