In our toxic modern world, proactive detoxification is key for maintaining wellbeing. Foot ion cleansing is an innovative, non-invasive therapy that removes impurities right where they tend to accumulate the most – in the feet. Read on to learn how foot ion cleanses work and their wide-ranging benefits for restoring vibrancy.

What is Foot Ion Cleansing?

Foot ion cleansing involves soaking the feet in warm water infused with charged ions – molecules with an electric charge. The ions penetrate the many pores of the feet and travel through the body attaching to positive charged waste particles. Toxins are then pulled out from the cells and into the water where they are neutralised.

This process of extracting debris at the foot level provides whole-body cleansing. Customised foot baths are offered at Kreocleanse using advanced Aqua Chi technology to optimise the effects.

The Wide-Ranging Benefits of Foot Ion Cleansing 

The deep cleansing effects of foot ion therapy provide immense benefits throughout the body including:

– Removal of Heavy Metals – Toxic metals like mercury, aluminium, lead, nickel and cadmium that accumulate in tissues are extracted and neutralised. This alleviates heavy metal poisoning.

– Elimination of Chemical Toxins – Pesticides, medications, food additives, cleaning agents and other chemical toxins are purged from cells and blood. This lowers cancer risk and organ stress.

– Reduction of Inflammation – Flushing out acids, infectious agents and inflammatory debris reduces swelling and irritation. This alleviates joint/muscle pain, headaches, skin conditions and more.

– Restoration of pH Balance – Accumulated acids and toxins create an overly acidic environment in the body. Ion cleansing restores alkalinity which optimizes health.

– Increased Circulation – The influx of ions stimulates blood and lymph flow allowing better nutrient delivery and waste removal. 

– Immune System Boost – With heavy toxins burdening the immune system neutralized, white blood cells and antibodies function more efficiently to fight illness.

– Hormone Regulation – Eliminating toxins and metals that disrupt endocrine activity allows hormones to maintain balance naturally.

– Improved Sleep and Moods – A pristine internal environment leads to more restful sleep and positive, stable mental/emotional states.

By targeting toxins right at the feet, ion cleansing provides whole body purification and healing.

What to Expect During a Session

Kreocleanse makes foot ion cleansing a rejuvenating experience. The session progresses as follows: 

– A preliminary health assessment with your detox specialist

– Immersing your feet into the warm, sanitized water 

– Turning on the ionizer unit to infuse the water with charged particles

– Relaxing as the ions work for 30 minutes to draw out toxins

– A color change in the water indicates impurities being extracted

– Massage and meditation can enhance benefits 

– The session closes with refreshments and rest 

– Improved energy and vitality lasts for a day or longer

Optimal Frequency for Detoxification 

For best results, sessions every 3-7 days are recommended initially. As the body purges cumulative toxins, maintenance sessions can be done monthly. Your Kreocleanse specialist will advise you on an ideal regimen.

Why Choose Kreocleanse for Ion Cleansing?

The experienced practitioners at Kreocleanse are experts in ion cleansing therapy. Their Aqua Chi machines optimize the infusion of charged ions during your foot bath. Therapeutic massage and other holistic services complement the effects. The end result is a comprehensive detoxification that restores optimal functioning.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is foot ion cleansing safe?

It is very safe and gentle. It should be avoided by those with pacemakers or prone to seizures. Checking with a doctor is recommended if any medical conditions exist. 

When will I see benefits?

Most people note increased energy, mental clarity and better sleep immediately after their first session. Longer term results become apparent over consistent treatments.

How is this different than a traditional foot bath?

The ionizer infuses the water with charged particles that facilitate cleansing at the cellular level. This makes foot ion soaking far more therapeutic than a regular foot bath.