Certified Energy Healer


My name is Sapna.

I am a Certified Pranic Healer with almost 8 years of healing experience.
Pranic healing is a no touch no drug healing modality, where the healer works on the aura of the person.

The work on the aura eventually is absorbed by the body and is physicalized,So almost all ailments related to physical
Say headaches, pains, respiratory ailments, digestive ailments, endocrine ailment( diabetes), heart-related, circulatory, reproductive, ENT related…. Cancer, tumor, etc

Also on emotional and mental levels like stress, anxiety, depression, migraine, addictions, trauma, fears, OCD, relationship issues, anger, aggression, violence, suicidal tendency, and so on

Right now I have patients with:

  • Depression
  • post-Herpes nerve numbness, weakness
  • Person with Tinnitus, anxiety, OCD, ulcers
  • Diabetes& hypertension
  • Suicidal tendencies with low self esteem
  • Person with severe Eczema
  • Person with a heart condition
  • Pancreatic cancer


series of 10 sessions 45-60 min KSH – 3,500

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