Anu Surty

Anu Surty

The founder of Kreo Cleanse, certified
Colon Hydrotherapist

Anu Surty

“Health is an exploration of wellness, not just thinness,” it is this thinking that led to over 15 years of practicing the art of wellness for Anu Surty.A B.S.C graduate in Home Science and Nutrition, Anu wanted to master the field of wellness from the inside out and went on to become the first Certified Colon Hydrotherapist in Kenya, from Natural Health Outreach in Canada.

She pioneered gut health when she started Aqua colonics, the first Colon Hydrotherapy clinic in East Africa. Ever ready to share her passion and knowledge, she has featured on several panel interviews on TV and radio to create awareness about holistic health. But her journey doesn’t stop there. She took a deeper plunge into health sciences when she became a certified Detox specialist from The Health Sciences Academy in the UK.

Today’s fast-paced, fast food and fast-action-solutions lifestyle has led to a buildup of additives, preservatives, low fiber, refined and processed foods in our diets, this, combined with high-stress levels lead to higher incidences of Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Cancer and other lifestyle diseases. What we are up against is a modern day epidemic of C.R.A.P (Carbonated drinks, Refined sugars, Alcohol and additives, Processed foods) and a toxic environment.

To help more people benefit from the life-changing benefits of holistic health, Anu founded Kreo Cleanse – a unique, first of its kind Detox centre in Kenya, that provides comprehensive and customized detox of the whole body with protocols that cover physical detoxification, nutritional guidance and support combined with energy healing to cleanse the body at an auric level to totally clean and heal your body.

The glass half empty scenario is that the environment, our homes, and our kitchens are full of millions of toxins. But there is a brighter side. With the right lifestyle and regular detoxification, it is very possible to achieve and sustain a healthy, holistic life. And this is the tomorrow, Anu truly believes in.



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