The colon plays a vital role in the health of your digestive system. When it becomes clogged with waste and toxins, many aspects of health can suffer. A colon cleanse is a safe, gentle way to empty the colon of this built-up debris and restore normal function. Read on to learn what a colon cleanse entails and how it benefits your body and mind.

What is the Colon?

The colon, also called the large intestine, extracts water and salts from undigested food. It also converts waste into stool to be eliminated from the body. A healthy colon processes up to 100 hours of transit time. But when the walls of the colon become coated with plaque and toxins, transit time slows. This allows waste to putrefy, causing gas, bloating and toxicity.

What is a Colon Cleanse?

A colon cleanse is a procedure that removes accumulations of waste and toxins from the colon. A variety of methods may be used to flush the colon, including:

– Colon hydrotherapy – Warm, purified water is infused into the colon and released repeatedly to wash out debris.

– Enemas – A liquid solution is injected to induce bowel movements.

– Laxatives – Compounds that stimulate bowel activity and loosen stools.

– Herbal formulas – Specifically designed supplements soften waste and increase motility. 

– High fiber diet – Increasing fiber intake helps scrub waste out of the colon.

A comprehensive colon cleanse may utilise a combination of these modalities. The safest, most effective cleanses are professionally administered at certified wellness centres like Kreocleanse.

The Benefits of a Colon Cleanse

Regular colon cleansing offers numerous benefits by keeping your digestive system free of harmful waste buildup. Benefits include:

– Increased energy and stamina

– Improved digestion and absorption of nutrients

– Elimination of bloating and constipation

– Enhanced immunity and disease protection

– Clearer skin tone and complexion  

– Better mental focus and emotional balance

– Healthy weight management

– Reduction in pain and inflammation

– Lowered risk of colon cancer

With a pristine colon optimised to do its job, you’ll feel lighter, cleaner and more vibrant overall.

What to Expect During a Session

Professional colon hydrotherapy at Kreocleanse progresses through the following stages:

– A preliminary consultation to assess your health status.

– Insertion of a sterile, disposable speculum into the rectum. 

– Warm, filtered water flows into the colon gently loosening waste.

– When you feel the urge, you release the water and stool into the closed waste system.

– Your therapist will massage your abdomen to aid the cleansing process.

– Multiple rounds of water infusion allow thorough cleansing of the entire colon.

– The session finishes with you feeling emptied, refreshed and restored.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a colon cleanse uncomfortable?

A properly administered colon cleanse should not be painful. Any discomfort is mild. Your therapist will make the process as relaxing as possible.

Are there side effects of colon hydrotherapy?

When performed correctly, side effects are minimal. You may experience slight fatigue or cramps for a short time afterwards as your colon adjusts.

How often should colon cleanses be done?  

For optimal health, most people benefit from a series of colonics and then maintenance cleanses every 3-6 months. Your Kreocleanse practitioner can advise you.