I did the 4 week intensive Kreo Cleanse program and I am happy to say that the positive effects were clearly visible before I even reached the halfway mark of the course. My skin started clearing up, I had more energy, increased concentration and better digestion. These effects have lasted even after completion of the treatment with the addition of one more; my PMS symptoms have reduced considerably. Kreo cleanse helped me understand my body’s nutritional needs, I have increased my food intake and I am feeling stronger and healthier than usual.

The best part for me was that I received very personalized treatment and all my issues were addressed carefully. I especially enjoyed how I was taken through the benefits of each treatment in the course. I really enjoyed the treatments especially the aroma massage and foot reflex, Mary and Beatrice were amazing.

I found the experience very beneficial and because it was over a period of 4 weeks it was easy to manage, especially with some of the diet requirements which would have been difficult had I not been eased into them. All my detox goals were met successfully and I learnt a lot. I am very thankful to the entire Kreo team and would definitely recommend this cleanse to anyone who is serious about their overall health and well being.

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