I started my therapy at Kreo Cleanse in May 2018 and have never looked back. I started with a body weight of 81.8 kgs along with hyper acidity issues and hypothyroidism., which proves a real challenge to losing body weight. Today I weigh 73.5 kg, and have lost 12 inches around my torso alone and I feel like a new person. Thanks to the Kreo Cleanse team, I have made a complete shift in my daily routine eating as per the recommendation, with healthy cooking and exercising regularly. My hyper acidity is completely gone, and this had been a childhood issue for me. Putting it simply, I don’t feel like old Bhavana…I am a new and improved version of myself and I love this new updated version of mine! Thanks to Kreo Cleanse…I would recommend Kreo Cleanse to everybody who needs a newer better version of themselves..!

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