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Energy Works

Energy Works

Detoxification is not just confined to the realms of our physical body. Our body is actually composed of two bodies- the visible physical body and the invisible energy body. This energy body or aura or bioplasmic body was rediscovered by S. D. Kirlian and his wife in 1939, through the Kirlian photography, based on high-frequency electric field which captures the invisible energy body or the bioplasmic body.

Emotions, state of mind, and thoughts affect the bioplasmic body. Disease first manifests on the bioplasmic body before it appears on the visible physical body. These two bodies are so closely interrelated that what affects one also affects the other.

The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing would suffice to solve most of the world’s problems.

Thus Detoxification will be done on two levels;

  1. On the energy body by removing negative thoughts and emotions from the body to give peace and happiness.
  2. On the physical body by cleansing the internal organs specially the liver, which helps in detoxification of the body.

What is pranic healing?

Pranic Healing was founded by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui.It is an ancient science and art of healing that uses prana or ki or life energy to heal the whole physical body.This healing modality utilizes the Prana or Life force, which is readily available in abundance, from the Sun, the air and the ground, to heal physical and emotional imbalances in the body.It is a NO TOUCH, NO DRUG healing modality.It doesnot intend to replace orthodox medicine but to complement it.

What is Prana or Life Force?

Simply put …it is that life energy which keeps the body alive and healthy. Pranic healing is based on two laws. 1. Law of Self- Recovery.Our bodies are capable of healing itself at a certain rate. If a person has a burn or a wound, body will heal itself and recover within a few days to a week.

Law of Life Energy

In chemistry, electrical energy is sometimes used as a catalyst to increase the rate of chemical reaction.In pranic healing, prana or life energy serves as the catalyst to accelerate the rate of biochemical reactions involved in the natural healing process of the body. When pranic energy is applied to the affected part of the body, the rate of recovery or healing increases tremendously.

The energy body interpenetrates the visible physical body and extends beyond it by 4 to 5 inches. This invisible luminous energy field which follows the contour of the visible physical body is called the inner aura. The healer scans the inner aura of the client. When the energy body becomes sick, the inner aura of the effected part is reduced to 2 to 3 inches. Sickness can also be caused by excess prana in a particular area of the body.

Healer accordingly cleans the area and projects fresh prana to the effected part. Just as the visible physical body has vital and minor organs, the energy body has major, minor and mini chakras which are the energy centres. These supply life energy to the vital organs of our body. When the chakras malfunction the vital organs become sick or diseased because they donot have enough life energy to operate properly.

Detoxification will work on these principles.

The energy body will be scanned for negative thought entities and emotional entities and then removed from the energy body. The person feels lighter and peaceful.Stress can lead to hypertension, back pains, binging or comfort eating, which leads to obesity!Negative emotions can lead to acidity, reflux, ulcers. It is like getting rid of your emotional baggage.

The vital organs like liver, lungs, kidneys, spleen will be cleansed. These help in detoxification of the physical body and helps in cleansing of the blood for infections.Technique shall be used to cleanse the internal organs of the body. Its like overhauling the body.Person is rejuvenated and revitalized by the end of the treatment.

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